Site Updates: Day 1 (self)

Looks like we have a live site that you can login to with Facebook and post links. Lots of other stuff to do still:

  • I used a full-featured Reddit clone as a starting point and am still removing some of the features, like sub-reddits, and the name of that software, Phez.

  • None of the javascript is working. That's screwing up things like voting and commenting.

  • I want to get some basic styling in, including the name of the site, the Facebook button, and removing some of the old Phez colors.

  • Obviously, we need to point the domain at it.

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

Javascript is working now. That means upvoting and replying to comments works.

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

I removed a lot of styling and just went with a basic black and white in most places. I don't have a vision for the visual design right now. I tend to like color, like Snapchat style, but I'm not sure it fits for a daily news source.