Goals Thread (self)

I want to open this up to everybody. What do you think we could accomplish here?

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

One: Fix media.

Corporate media failed the majority of this country. And the minority is going to find out that media failed them too. We can't wait around for corporate media to fix itself.

But we can organize a community that hunts for the truth and amplifies the stuff that matters.

At this point I trust my neighbor's research more than any mainstream news outlet.

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

Two: Give Traction To The Opposition

There are too many small opposition groups on one side and then too many citizens who don't know what to do on the other.

I want this site to help opposition groups solidify into larger groups. And then bring the members of this community to those larger groups.

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

Three. Prevent Hitler or WWIII.

My standard question post-election: How alarmed are you?

I'm at a 9.5. A lot of people are going to get screwed. But if we can slow them down, get in the streets, flood the court rooms, and make so much noise that they're the ones who are afraid, then we will win in the end.

Tony Stubblebine 1 points ( +1|-0 ) :: 12 months ago:

Four. Reframe minority/majority to be about decency and opportunity.

This country has all sorts of bogus divisions: racism, sexism, religion, political affiliation. And we call a lot of those groups minorities.

But there's a majority of people who agree that we all need purpose and opportunity. As one of my truck driver relatives says, "I don't care if you marry a goddamn chair. I just want a job."

Who is the minority then? Trump. His children. The billionaires who paid Trump to put them into his cabinent so they can steal our country's wealth.